Saturday, October 31, 2009

Subscription Links

This week when we met to discuss your blog I asked that each of you add the "Subscription Links" gadget to your blog. Most of you have already done this but about half have not. The Subscription Links gadget provides an easy way for you to keep up with everyones blogs by subscribing to their RSS feed. I've spent the last hour adding all of you to my Google reader (RSS reader) and I have to say I'm pleased with how easy it was to setup. If you have a google account or someone other than google I'd recommend subscribing to all of your fellow classmates blogs.

Still don't get what an RSS feed is? Read about it over at Wikipedia.

The folks who have yet to set up their Subscription Links are:
Rebekah, Tiffany, Nichole P., Nelson, Michelle, Mike, Marcee, Lindsay, Jeremy, Jenni Green, Jayne, Ian and Danielle.


  1. sorry I didnt know I was supposed to because I wasnt there! working on it now!

  2. Okay, I've got it on my blog. Do I go on my blog under the "Subscribe" or do I go on the other classmate's blog under "Subscribe?" Still a little fuzzy on understanding process.

  3. Hey Deb you did it right. All you needed to do is add the "Subscription Links" to your blog. Thanks.


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